Published: January 14, 2023
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Relaxation Music: Cosmic Souvenir

Relaxation and Meditation Music featuring a Tibetan singing bowl.

This music can be helpful to relax, meditate, or in preparation for activities that require deep concentration. I recorded the various bowl hits using a Tibetan singing bowl like the one held by the character in the illustration. The oscillating sounds, known as the bowl's singing, were also produced with the same bowl by moving the wooden mallet in a circular fashion around the outer surface of the bowl.

Cosmic Souvenir - Pencils and Ink Drawing

I drew the background illustration traditionally with graphite and ink on an 11x17 inch paper board, and then painted it digitally in Krita.

Cosmic Souvenir
One hour of relaxation/meditation music

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Cosmic Souvenir - Pencils and Ink Drawing - Thumbnail Cosmic Souvenir - Pencils and Ink Drawing Cosmic Souvenir - Digital Painting - Thumbnail Cosmic Souvenir - Digital Painting
Cosmic Souvenir
Cosmic Souvenir
Cosmic Souvenir