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Deceptions (2016)

03:06 CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Licensemp3-music-deceptions/a0b715d260f6eff25056bf4533bb7e036e98bd14 MP3"Deceptions" y Diego Verger (, i"Deceptions" y Diego Verger, CC BY 4.0.

This is a theme about confusion, falseness and deceit.

The buildings and most of the traffic scenes in the video are from Chicago, and some traffic shots are from the cities of Geneva, Switzerland; and Como, Italy.

Thematic Music


Oneness (2016)

13:29 CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Licensemusic-oneness-mp3/940e532e25f72493319d8c19bfd1a76124e9f6ae MP3"Oneness" y Diego Verger (, i"Oneness" y Diego Verger, CC BY 4.0.

This music is intended for relaxation or meditation. The rhythm will slow down progressively, leading towards a deeper relaxation state.

The flowers are from Morton Arboretum in Illinois, USA; and from Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer garden in Barcelona, Spain.

Meditation, Relaxing Music

Times of Hope

Times of Hope (2016)

9:27 CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Licensemp3-music-times-of-hope/455562b6d6c6bd99ab8c9c4ee53f3ef1daba97f4 MP3"Times of Hope" y Diego Verger (, i"Times of Hope" y Diego Verger, CC BY 4.0.

The images of the video are from Blarney, Ireland and Athens, Greece.

Inspirational Music

Instrumental Music

Original music.