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Magical (2024)


An uplifting piece I wrote for piano and combined with Strings, Woodwinds, Tuba, Glockenspiel and Choirs.

Upbeat, Uplifting Music

Wild Dreamer

Wild Dreamer (2024)


Upbeat Instrumental

Inner Samurai

Inner Samurai (2023)


Instruments: Koto, Shakuhachi, Shamisen (emulated), Taiko and other drums.

Ancient Calling

Ancient Calling (2023)


Ancient, mystical ambiance. Woodwinds, Harp and Choir.

Ambient, Ancient Music

Fit for a Queen

Fit for a Queen (2023)


Harp Quintet / String Quartet with Harp.

Classical Music

Napoleonic Blues

Napoleonic Blues (2023)

02:09 CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Licensenapoleonic-blues-music-mp3/98b0b07b83dab984049904d9ebd9e2269399ea96 MP3"Napoleonic Blues" y Diego Verger (, i"Napoleonic Blues" y Diego Verger, CC BY 4.0.

A bluesy piece created as background for a character animation.

Blues Music

A Wee Bit Oot Yer Tree

A Wee Bit Oot Yer Tree (2023)


Animated background music with a Scottish vibe made for a 3D animation of John Silver's character performing a speech from Treasure Island.

Action, Adventure Music

Cosmic Souvenir

Cosmic Souvenir (2023)


Relaxing music featuring a Tibetan singing bowl. The oscillating sounds are produced by the bowl "singing" when the wooden mallet is moved in a circular fashion around the outer surface of the bowl.

Relaxing, Meditation Music

Pearly White

Pearly White (2022)


An unsuspecting diver is targeted by a shark and a hero rushes to help in an underwater adventure.

Action, Dramatic, Narrative Music

Nemo's Secrets

Nemo's Secrets (2022)


Powerful music of mystery and wonderment from the deep.

Action, Narrative, Suspense Music

Smile Bandit

Smile Bandit (2022)

03:55 CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Licensesmile-bandit-music-mp3/b7df3a5850d52457c696e7138c1423083d2bbc6c MP3"Smile Bandit" y Diego Verger (, i"Smile Bandit" y Diego Verger, CC BY 4.0.

Special thanks to all the photographers who generously share their work on pixabay.

Upbeat, Instrumental Music

Velada Andaluza

Velada Andaluza (2021)

03:56 CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Licensevelada-andaluza-instrumental-mp3/4285f54fcd1d011004c1e2b8e6bd0c70f36a1884 MP3"Velada Andaluza" y Diego Verger (, i"Velada Andaluza" y Diego Verger, CC BY 4.0.

Spanish ambiance piece for a Videobook clip of the Mark of Zorro.

Ambient Music

Imperium Aquilae

Imperium Aquilae (2021)

05:43 CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Licenseimperium-aquilae-music-mp3/2dedae798363e1b2f2eac869adc2af8062ed2030 MP3"Imperium Aquilae" y Diego Verger (, i"Imperium Aquilae" y Diego Verger, CC BY 4.0.

An instrumental created for a videobook/audiobook narration of the Art of War.

Action, Epic, Dramatic, Narrative Music


Éblouissement (2020)

08:35 CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Licenseeblouissement-instrumental-music-mp3/f99a876b148ed82ca6df817ce14b13b2958db063 MP3"Éblouissement" y Diego Verger (, i"Éblouissement" y Diego Verger, CC BY 4.0.

Background music I composed for a narration of The Count of Monte Cristo. The music follows the story closely as Edmond Dantès discovers the hidden treasure in a secret cave.

Suspense, Dramatic, Uplifting, Narrative Music

Instrumental Music

Original music.