Published: June 25, 2020
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Monkey Business Music

Positive instrumental music and chimp painting made in Krita.

The Music

An upbeat, cheerful, fast-paced instrumental.

Monkey Business

This music is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. You are free to use it, even commercially. Please check out the music section for more info.

The Painting

The chimpanzee was painted using Krita.

Monkey Business painting made in Krita
Monkey Business

Krita 4.3 has added awesome watercolor brushes that achieve a believable traditional effect, and other new features that Ramón Miranda explains in this video:

DaVinci Resolve on Linux

The latest DaVinci Resolve release ( works great on Linux. Installation is super easy, just a line of code, it fires up faster than on Windows, individual projects also load faster, and even switching pages (Edit/Color/Fusion, etc.) is noticeably faster on Linux.

Font Tip: if all of your systems fonts are not detected by Fusion when you use Text nodes, it is probably because DaVinci Resolve is only looking them up in /usr/share/fonts. Like many Linux users, I store additional fonts in /home/USER/.fonts. DaVinci will recognize all those fonts as well if you create a link to the .fonts folder and place the link in /usr/share/fonts. Then, reopen DaVinci, and you should see all your fonts available in Fusion. Thanks to user Marc Gasser who posted this solution on the Blackmagic Design forums.

💡 Linux vs Windows Performance

Processing the final image sequence was quite faster on Linux than on Windows. DaVinci Resolve took basically less than half the time to deliver the same project on Linux.

Processing 5,623 HD TIFF images
Windows Linux
46 minutes 5 seconds 22 minutes 15 seconds

Generating the final Video with Blender

Unless you have the Studio version of DaVinci Resolve, you can't export using certain codecs, but you can use Blender to quickly create a video on Linux with the H.264 codec and other options recommended by Vimeo or YouTube. It is better to generate an image sequence first anyway; this way if anything goes wrong during the rendering of resource-intensive effects, or your system crashes for any reason, you can continue rendering from the last completed frame. When you add an image sequence to Blender's sequencer, remember selecting all images in the sequence. Otherwise, if you select just the first image in the sequence, only one image will be added to the clip.

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